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Hardwired Tactical Shooting is committed to teaching students not just to shoot, but to be successful in both the confrontation and the aftermath of an encounter with evil.

Our instructors aren't just hobbyists or shooting enthusiasts: they're all highly experienced police officers and military service members who have survived long careers both in the US and overseas. Each was a proven, highly successful instructor prior to moving on to the private sector, and they're dedicated to passing on their hard-earned knowledge to first responders, soldiers, and citizens who want to learn to defend their lives, their teammates, and their families.

At HiTS, we teach what we know works - not just theory - and is proven on the streets.

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What We Offer

  • Training

    Our classes provide the tools you need to prevail in every aspect of a lethal force encounter, with an emphasis on surgical shooting under time constraints and safety. Check out our schedule of upcoming courses here.

  • Gear

    Don't waste time and money on gear that doesn't just work. Find tools designed by HiTS instructors and approved for the real world. Gear up.

  • Expertise

    From expert witness testimony to media relations on use of force to specialized security services, HiTS can provide the knowledge you need. Get in touch.

  • Evaluation

    Our experts can evaluate your department's officer training programs and use of force policies. Contact us for more information.

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