Written by  2014-10-22


We've been pretty busy the last month or so with travel and classes, so its time for some update posts.

First-The VP9

To say that Wayne and I are happy with them is a huge understatement. We are both in the neighborhood of 3000 rounds each. We figure it is time to maybe clean them. No firearm related malfunctions at all. The only issue was mine would not chamber an out of spec. oversized round at Tom Given's instructor class. I look at this as a good thing that it would not chamber a potentially dangerous round, and it would not fire when slightly out of battery.

Speaking of Tom Given's Instructor class....It is very rare for anyone to shoot perfect scores on the final shooting test. We had four (which says something about the quality of the students in our class). Wayne and I shot two of those four perfect scores with VP-9's. Wayne's target was very impressive, and my head shots were a single centered hole. The VP-9's shoot!

We ran a Close Quarters Shooting class last weekend. Wayne and I pre shot many of the drills the day before. The results of some of these were again awesome as we are both getting very used to how the guns track in recoil and the trigger break. We were running 3-5 yard failure drills consistently in the 1.65 second range from a hard low ready. This is solid performance, but what was amazing is that most of the pairs to the body were both inside the 10 ring on a B8 bull, and Wayne shot several with both rounds in the X.....enough that I started calling him "Dos Equis". Shooting demos during the class also went great. We have zero complaints or issues. We have both experimented a little with the grips and are settled at our current set ups. 

We just ordered up a couple more guns to have loaners for the VP9 class in Mid November and hope that we get them in time. They are simply an outstanding service pistol and we are still standing behind the assessment that they may be the best service pistol currently on the market.


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