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Written by  2014-11-15

VP9 Class - Day 1

Well, during a long cold day on the range, we started day one of our HK VP9 class.

While many sat at home staring at their VP9's, obsessing to try and find something wrong with it to post on the internet, we were out shooting them. Paul G. is one of our (and most other folks in the training industry) favorite students and about as hardcore a training student as exists. He got busy from the "Battle Chair" today. The first picture is what Paul sees.

The second is a result of what the mechanical accuracy ability of the VP9 combined with a guy who simply presses a stock trigger correctly produces as far as a "group"......or a hole. This is what perfect practice and training does as opposed to obsessing about how to modify a pistol's trigger to make it shoot better. Nice work stud.


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