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Written by  2014-11-16

VP9 Class - Day 2

We just finished up day two of the HK VP 9 class.

We had to call it a little early due to folks not being able to feel their trigger fingers. We learned a lot. We had a novice in the class who found out about the class Friday while buying his VP9 at Jackson Armory in Dallas, and showed up Saturday morning with ammunition, and a desire to learn. He got dumped into the deep end of the pool with a borrowed holster and a some tough love, and by Sunday, was shooting great. We had another shooter who is trying to find "the" gun for him and has been to a couple of classes with a couple of XD's. He used a borrowed VP9, borrowed kydex holster and really put his mind to doing well. The target shown is his first 10 rounds of the Larry Vickers 300 (10 rounds support hand only at 5 yards, 10 rounds strong hand only at 10, and 10 rounds with both hands at 20 yards, scored on the B8) on his way to a 288. Shooting a 288 on the Vickers 300 with a borrowed pistol with very little time says a lot about the shooter, the gun, and the ability for the shooter to adapt to it. 

Counting Wayne and me, we had 15 shooters all running VP9's over two days in heavy clothing in cold, wet conditions. We had two bad rounds of ammunition with dead primers (not the guns fault), a single failure to extract (with the novice shooter) and a single failure to feed with an experienced shooter. Pretty good performance across the board. Aaron Marco and several other guys put on a very impressive showing and Gabe from Oklahoma did an impressive job working entirely from appendix inside the waistband carry with a Keepers Holster the entire class. I shot a personal best 3 yard failure drill from the low ready of 1.37 sec. with both body hits in the bull and the brain hit in the 3x5 box.......and that was with my new gun with the "not great" trigger that really needs some break-in time. 

Essentially, the guns work and the shooters adapt well to it as a new platform. We did not have a single parts breakage or magazine failure at all. Overall, we learned some things to tweak for the class, and we are very happy with the VP9's.

Check out two videos of Wayne demoing with the VP9 below.


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