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Wayne Dobbs

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Wayne DobbsWayne Dobbs is a proud 5th generation native Texan and the child of Great Depression/WWII veterans from Victoria, TX.  Wayne has lived his entire life in the Lone Star State and is retired from the Richardson, TX Police Department, where he spent an extremely active 25 year career.  Dobbs served in Patrol, Deployment (covert tactical/crimes specific unit), SWAT, Narcotics/Intelligence, FBI-Dallas Organized Crime Task Force and Major Crimes/CID.  For nearly 10 years, Wayne directed and managed his department’s firearms training program.

Dobbs has shot and hunted since the age of three and began a pistol shooting obsession at the age of 18.  He has continued to shoot, handgun hunt, reload and compete ever since.  Wayne received his FBI Police Firearms Instructor certification in 1980 and has continually been involved in firearms training for police, private citizens and government contractors since that time.  Wayne was selected to sit on the statewide development committee for the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) that brought forth a POST type LE Firearms Instructor’s License and certification.  Wayne has taught that course statewide and has developed and presented dozens of in-service, transition, carbine, shotgun and SWAT firearms courses over the years.  In addition to the FBI and TCLEOSE Firearms Instructor certifications, Dobbs also holds instructor level firearms certifications from the NRA, Glock, the US Department of State, CSAT (Paul Howe) and others.

After retiring from RPD in 2003, Wayne served for 25 months in Iraq on a Department of State police training and advising contract.  Wayne led a firearms and tactics training program at the Baghdad Police College where he delivered and managed training in defensive tactics, CQB, Glock 19 and AK-47 to thousands of Iraqi Police Service (IPS) officers.  Dobbs also received a tasking to develop firearms instructors within the IPS and after a lengthy and difficult process, produced 35 legitimate instructors to serve at the district level of the IPS.

Wayne has trained continuously for many years under the top names in the industry: Ken Hackathorn, Larry Vickers, Pat Rogers, Paul Howe, Clint Smith, Jerry Miculek, John Farnam, Tom Givens and others.  Dobbs remains a committed student, realizing that if we are wise, we are “sometimes a teacher and always a student”.

Wayne is currently a Vickers Shooting Method regional instructor and is employed by Triple Canopy, Inc. as a firearms and tactics instructor to high threat protective detail personnel deploying on Department of State protective details OCONUS.

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